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Geraint Thomas’s $20,000 Pinarello was stolen

Bike got ripped off at coffee stop

Photo by: Geraint Thomas @GeraintThomas86

UPDATE: His bike has been found, thanks to the local police:

Bike theft is getting worse every day. Whether it’s by way of an angle grinder, or simply leaving your bike outside a shop “for a minute,” thieves can lift your bike before you can say Mathieu van der Poel.

This weekend, former Tour de France winner learned a lesson the hard way when he left his one of a kind Pinarello Dogma F outside a cafe, and it was quickly stolen.

Are the thieves who stole the Italian track bikes the dumbest criminals ever?

The Welsh rider from Ineos-Grenadiers posted a picture on social media as he took an Uber home, once he discovered he was bikeless.

Thomas even made a joke that he had lost all his training data.

It’s a reminder to everyone to always be careful when you stop at a coffeeshop on your ride. If you take your eyes off the prize, you may be walking home.

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