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German coach who shouted racist slurs sent home from Tokyo

Patrick Moster will not coach Germany's track team at the Olympics

Photo by: Sirotti

Patrick Moster, the German coach who referred to Algerian and Eritrean cyclists as ‘camel drivers’ has been sent home from the Tokyo Olympics.

During the men’s Olympic time trial event, Moster, who was urging his rider Nikias Arndt from the sidelines, yelled: “Get the camel drivers, get the camel drivers, come on.” The racist remark was made in reference to the two riders ahead of Ardnt, Azzedine Lagab of Algeria and Amanuel Ghebreigzabhier of Eritrea.

Moster was called in to explain himself to German Olympic Federation (DOSB) chiefs hours after he publicly apologized. On Thursday, the federation announced that Moster, who was set to coach the German track team as well, would be sent home from the Tokyo Olympics.

“The delegation management of Team D at the Olympic Games in Tokyo decided on Thursday that Patrick Moster will no longer perform his duties as part of the cycling team in Team D and will leave for Germany in the near future,” reads a statement from the German Olympic Federation. “This decision was preceded by a detailed consultation of the delegation management and a renewed hearing of the person concerned, in which both the process and the consequences for Team D were discussed.”

“We remain convinced that his public apology for the racist remarks he made yesterday is sincere. With this derailment, however, Mr. Moster violated the Olympic values. Fair play, respect and tolerance are not negotiable for Team D, ”said DOSB President and Tokyo delegation leader Alfons Hörmann.

“No place at the Olympic Games”

The UCI and the ICO have both issued statements condemning Moster’s racist comments. “Comments such as these have no place at the Olympic Games,” said the IOC in a statement. Arndt, the German time trial racer, also said he wanted to clearly distance himself from the “appaling” comments of the sports director.

“I had more aggressive racist comments before,” said Legab, “but I’ve always preferred to deal with them on the spot, far from social media It’s such a shame it happens in the #olympics.”

“There is no camel race in the #Olympics that’s why I came to cycling. At least I was there in #Tokyo2020.”