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Giordana NX-G clothing collection reviewed

State-of-the-art fabrics provide comfort and performance in Giordana's new top-of-the-line jersey and bibs

Giordana’s NX-G clothing collection is all new for 2016. The company is using a new facility, new machinery, new fabrics and saying that it is a new focus that has lead to them to develop the next generation of Giordana clothing.

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Giordana use what they call Thermal Bonding Technology for an aerodymanic and lightweight fit for the NX-G short-sleeve jersey that is available in black, fluro and blue. The jersey is designed with lightweight fabrics designed in Italy and France that keeps the body cool, comfortable and dry. A stretch fit around the shoulders, thin arm cuffs and waist keep the jersey in place while riding without the use of elastics. The back of the jersey is a textured microfiber that is extremely breathable and provides UV protection. What makes the jersey extremely comfortable to wear is its ergonomic collar that prevents tightness around the kneck when in the riding position.

The NX-G bib shorts use Giordana’s 1on1 Paneling System made from one piece of fabric per leg with a single seam on the outside to provide an ergonoic fit. Longer leg length and a gradual compression fabric eliminates the need for leg bands to keep the shorts in place. Giorndana’s proriortary thin fabric is designed to message the skin to provide better blood circulation and muscle compression. The Cirro S chamois is made from double woven fabric for breathability and features the Copa Mondiale, a recessed area for comfort. Perforated bib straps attach to a u-shape back panel to hold the bibs in place.

The state-of-the-art NX-G short sleeve jersey is US$300 while the NX-G bib shorts are US$400.