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Giordana Wool Blend and Ceramic base layers reviewed

Versatility, comfort and temperature management

A good base layer is perhaps one of the most underrated pieces of kit. Layering when it’s cold outside will help keep you warm and help wick away moisture from your body to the outside garment. This will make your apparel more comfortable and prevent perspiration build up which can ultimately make you even colder. Even in the heat, base layers will help draw moisture away from your skin to an outer layer of garment allowing evaporative cooling to take place. Without a doubt, riding in a good base layer will leave you feeling more comfortable allowing you to better enjoy your ride.

Giordana Wool Blend Long Sleeve

When you are riding in cooler and often damper weather that accompanies the fall and winter months you come to really appreciate the pieces of clothing that help keep you warm and comfortable. The bright orange Giordana Wool Blend long sleeve base layer tested was very comfortable and had me reaching for it many crisp fall mornings.

Made with Merino wool with nylon spandex it has a good snug fit. Merino wool helps make it breathable meaning that under various apparel it didn’t feel like I was overheating. The piece helped keep me insulated when it was cold out even when I was only wearing a shell to protect from the wind and rain.

The fabric feels very light and during harder efforts it did a good job of regulating my temperature. The bright colour also looked great when you unzip your outer layer revealing the flash orange. The stitching is good quality so we expect to continue reaching for this particular piece throughout the fall and deep into the winter months when looking for some increased insulation against the cold.

The Giordana Wool Blend Long Sleeve base layer is available in grey and orange in sizes S to XXL.

Giordana Ceramic Base Layer

The Giordana Ceramic Base Layer is made to be extremely versatile. The fabric used is designed to both prevent overheating from the hottest rays of sunlight but at the same time provide good insulation in the cold. Using a synthetic microfiber Giordana call Resistex Bioceramic that is made with bio-ceramic crystals, Giordana say they can reflect external heat while at the same time helping to regulate body temperature whether in the heat or cold. Simply wearing a base layer makes riding more comfortable. The layer provided additional insulation for our testers in cold weather but was also a functional piece of apparel on hotter days.

Simply wearing a base layer makes riding more comfortable. Short sleeve base layers are versatile and our testers found they were reaching for it regardless of the weather. Whether it was going under a jacket, a short or long sleeve jersey or rain coat the layer provided good ventilation and comfort. The four-paneled construction makes it a very nicely fitting piece of clothing that provides good wicking in all conditions. On warm days when wearing short sleeves our testers thought it was also very pleasant to have on.

Choosing the right base layer is important because a good one will last you at least a few seasons. Having versatility in your wardrobe is vital and both these offerings from Giordana had a number of features we were very grateful for.