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Motorist accused of killing two cyclists in Goodyear, Ariz., out of jail

Suspect admitted he smoked marijuana earlier in the day of the collision

The Highway in Goodyear, Arizona

The driver accused of plowing into a group ride on Saturday, killing two and seriously injuring 17 has been released from jail. On Tuesday, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office stated that the case involving Pedro Quintana-Lujan, 26, will now be under an “additional investigation.”

In a statement, County Attorney Rachel Mitchell confirmed that authorities are continuing to look into the horrific incident.

“The deaths of the two cyclists and injuries suffered by others that morning is an unimaginable tragedy. The police need time to complete their investigation,” Mitchell said. β€œIt is critical before making any charging decision, and triggering legal time constraints, that a full investigation is completed and provided to prosecutors for review.”

According to ABC News, Quintana-Lujan told police he had smoked marijuana 11 hours earlier in the day. The authorities have taken blood samples but the results are not in yet.

The driver was heading south when he ran into a large group of cyclists. Quintana-Lujan told authorities that his steering column was locked and his truck started drifting to the right, and then into the group.

The two people killed were Goodyear, Ariz., cyclist Karen Malisa, 61, and David Kero, 65, who was visiting from out of state. As of Thursday, authorities do not believe the collision was intentional.