GURU partners with Cannondale Pro Cycling to optimize bike fits, support riders and technical crews

GURU, it was announced this week, has embarked upon a partnership with the Cannondale Pro Cycling team, which features such riders as Canada's Michael Woods.

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GURU & Cannondale Pro Cycling – Optimized Bike Fit for 2016 from GURU Sports on Vimeo.

GURU, it was announced this week, has embarked upon a partnership with the Cannondale Pro Cycling team, which features such riders as Canada’s Michael Woods. The squad will work with GURU to optimize bike fitting for the team’s athletes as the 2016 season rolls on.

The partnership includes both technical and human elements, making use of GURU’s Fit System and the company’s Academy fit instructors.

Jonathan Vaughters, CEO and team principal with Cannondale Pro Cycling, said, “Proper bike fit is critical to laying the foundation for a successful season. Working with the GURU team and utlilizing their industry-leading technology gives our athletes great confidence in their position on the bike to perform at the highest level.”

Cannondale’s athletes themselves got a taste of what the new partnership will offer at the squad’s preseason training camp in Aspen, Colorado, where each rider was given a one-on-one fit assessment by Mat Steinmetz and Ian Murray, fit instructors with the GURU Academy. Using multiple configurations and a real-time approach, Cannondale cyclists had their riding positions refined by the fine science GURU provides, using the company’s “fit-first” approach.

“The GURU FIt System,” Steinmetz said, explaining that approach, “provides athletes with a true dynamic fit. The ability to instantly recognize and validate subtle changes while pedaling is essential to creating a perfect bike fit.”

Beyond the fitting and the optimizing of an athlete’s riding position, GURU will be supporting Cannondale Pro in other ways, too. Experts will provide the team’s dedicated mechanics with exhaustive, detailed data on each athlete’s fit data and bike configurations, helping to keep Cannondale’s well-oiled machine moving smoothly from the bike wrench up. Using GURU’S XY laser level, mechanics will be able to replicate a cyclist’s riding position precisely across the team’s platforms. Those bikes, of course, include the SuperSix EVO and Synapse.

Geoff Brown, the team’s chief mechanic, discussed the importance of such an approach when it comes to setting up a pro team’s bikes.

“GURU’s fit data gives us an easy-to-use template to set up bikes in the field,” Brown said. “Athletes go through bike changes throughout the season and it’s critical to have an accurate overview of each athlete’s position.”