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Hamilton cyclist killed by motorist on way to work

Cycling advocates are calling for change to end these tragedies

On Monday, a 52-year-old man was killed after a motorist hit him on the Upper Wentworth Bridge, police said. Constable Indy Bharaj said that officers received a call from a passenger in a mini-van at roughly 5:30 a.m., according to CBC Hamilton.

“The caller informed police that they were just involved in a cyclist-involved motor vehicle collision.” By the time police and the ambulance arrived, the cyclist was lying on the road without vital signs, Bharaj said.

The victim is one of 12 vulnerable road users killed so far in Hamilton in 2022. In an interview with Hamilton station, CHCH, Bharaj said police don’t know what’s causing the high number of deaths of pedestrians and cyclists in Hamilton.

“We’re just asking pedestrians and drivers, just take that extra bit of time. And the pedestrian, don’t hope that the driver sees you.”

Tom Flood, a cycling advocate based in Hamilton, said he was “extremely angry” when he heard the news.

“A person riding their bike was killed by a driver this morning. And what do those who hold power and influence say live on the scene about the record fatalities?” Flood tweeted.”Nothing will change until we start talking about the root causes and not just asking people to be perfect.”

“Enough is enough. Our children and community members are being hunted on our streets and what are we really doing?” Flood said.

Flood said that it’s completely wrong to ask cyclists how to be more safe, and instead, authorities should be focusing on removing opportunities for drivers to vulnerable road-users.