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Here’s 7 more cycling rap videos for your viewing pleasure

There's a lot more than you think

Photo by: Astana/YouTube

Cyclists are big on using social media to promote their teams and sponsors. Funny clips, dances, whatever it takes. We cycling fans are rewarded with a wide range of super-fun content. On Tuesday, Astana Qazaqstan posted a rap video the team created, on Twitter. The best part, is this isn’t even the first time they’ve done it. In fact, it’s not even the first cycling rap. Gather around, grasshoppers, and let’s look at small selection of cycling rap.


1. Astana’s (multiple) raps

Monday’s absolutely astonishing video was not even their first foray. In fact, in 2019, they posted what they called, well, “First ever pro cycling rap.” It begins by really underscoring the title, with the lyrics: “first ever, pro cycling rap.” And then it really gets going. It’s a must-listen, tbh.

2. Lunettes de cyclistes

If you’re looking for something a bit edgier, and Frenchier, there’s always the classic track, “Lunettes de cyclistes” by LIL Moine (it’s like Lil Wayne, get it?)

3. Tyler the creator loves bikes

The American rapper is a fan of riding around on his BMX. In fact, he has some great advice for people to get together. Basically, if you want to get with Tyler, riding a bike is key.

4. Kanye West

Ye of course, made a proclamation on Twitter in 2017 that we can all attest to.

“I make great decisions in bike stores!”

This probably resonates with all of us. We salute you, King. If you want a T-shirt with the famous tweet, good news. You can get one here.

5. Ferda Girls

There’s also the Ferda Girls, a Kendrick Lamar parody video which may not sound like a good idea, but it worked, and was super-well received.

6. “I ride faster than you!”

IFHT Films also put out a bunch of other funny gems, like “I ride faster than you.”

“I’m fast, I’m faster than you/my bike is clean and my kit is new”

6. MTB versus roadie

There’s also this beauty, if you’re into seeing a rap-off between off-road and curly bar types.

7. First ever Conti rap

But before you get comfortable and actually enjoying parody raps, let’s end it on a reminder of what Astana started in 2019. The team managed to inspire other teams to get in on the cycling rap battle.