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Here’s the $1,500 titanium balance bike you never knew your kid needed until now

Van Nicholas has just unveiled the ultimate ride for five year olds

Did you wake up today and say, “Hey, where can I get a titanium balance bike for my kid?” Well if so, you’re in luck! The British bike company Van Nicholas has one called the Ventus Junior, and it’s only €999, so around $1,450 in Canuck bucks.

You may recall that in 2020, Specialized was selling a carbon-fibre balance bike. Well that was then, and this is now.

Fancy footwork: Specialized new $999 full-carbon run bike

The Hotwalk was a little cheaper than the Van Nicholas ride, but hey, you can’t put a price on love for little Jimmy or Susie, right? These types of bikes are a great way to teach children how to ride by learning how to balance properly without having to worry about pushing the pedals. Once they learn how to sit on the bicycle swapping to a pedal-version is a breeze.

But back to this beauty. Listen. Your kiddo may have a thing for titanium. I mean who doesn’t? Titanium practically lasts forever! Good news, the Ventus Junior comes in at 2.3 kg, so it will be a breeze to climb all those massive hills in the neighbourhood.

Van Nicholas said on its website that the Ventus is appropriate for children between the ages of three and five. So once they hit six, you’re going to need to upgrade. Maybe even something with pedals?

Just a word of warning, Christmas is only 329 days away.