Hinton building mountain bike mecca

January 29th, 2014 by | Posted in News |

Hinton, Alberta (Photo: Hinton Mountain Bike Association)
Hinton Bike Park (Photo: Hinton Mountain Bike Association)

Hinton, Alta., is pushing to build a stronger reputation in mountain biking, with the hopes of becoming a “mecca” for riders.

At a presentation before city council, Hinton Mountain Bike Association president Jan Vassbotn unveiled his goal of making the town, almost 300 km west of Edmonton, a destination for riders by building up the already large bike park and improving bike infrastructure in town.

“We said that we would help build Alberta’s largest free municipal [bike] park,” said Vassbotn, during the presentation. “Done. We said we would maintain and improve it—done. Now in 2014, we feel proof of the concept stage is over. The bike park and success of HMBA itself has proven that if we build it, they will come.”

Part of the push is to help secure funding from city council.

“The HMBA volunteer executive is, as usual, running on fumes. Your Worship, members of council, can the Mountain Bike Mecca project be added to the council’s list of priorities?” ” Vassbotn asked.

While council voted to continue to support the efforts of the HMBA, there was no concrete offer of funding made.