Dismounting is important in cyclocross because almost every race has barriers or run-ups that will force you off the bike. To set up a great dismount, stand with your weight on your left foot and the left pedal at 6 o’clock in the stroke. Unclip your right foot, swing it around the back of the saddle and rest it behind your left foot and pedal as you coast toward the obstacle. Grab the top tube with your right hand before stepping off. It can be unnerving to coast with only one hand on the bars, but with practice, you’ll be able to balance with your left hand on the bar and right hip against the saddle. Once you are near the obstacle, unclip your left foot off of its pedal as you put your right foot to the ground. You’ll be propelled into a run. Since you already have your hand on the top tube, you can pick up the bike quickly and run over an obstacle.

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