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Hugo Barrette hurt in track training accident in Cali, Colombia

On Tuesday Canadian and Pan American Games sprint champion Hugo Barrette was hurt in a training accident at the Alcides Nieto Patiño velodrome in Cali, Colombia where he was preparing for this weekend’s first UCI Track Cycling World Cup event. Barrette apparently left the track itself and ended up in the stands. A photograph circulating on the internet shows Barrette alone, crumpled on concrete next to plastic seats, his bicycle also in the stands.

Cycling Canada tweeted “Hugo Barrette has been examined in hospital and happily there are no major injuries” in response to CiclismoInternacinal’s tweet about Barrette’s crash which included the photo.

According to El Universal, Barrette suffered the accident Tuesday morning. Track doctor César Arias said that Barrette needs surgery on his lower lip and has other facial and lower leg injuries, along with head trauma.

El Tiempo reported that the Canadian athlete was admitted to the Imbanaco Clinic for treatment, testing and observation over the next 48-hours. His injuries were listed as two cracks in the transverse process and two lumbar vertebrae, without neurological complications. El Tiempo said that Barrette broke the railing that separated the track from the stands.