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Ice-T gives shout out to American developement team that is “in way better shape than me”

Aevolo Cycling riders get major props from rapper turned Law & Order actor on Twitter


American UCI Continental development team Aevolo Cycling received a major, and unexpected Twitter shout out from none other than Ice-T this week.

The rap legend turned Law & Order actor sent a video from the Dominican Republic, giving props to the Aevolo team riders:

Ice clearly has some actual interest in the team, calling out the Oxnard, Cali. squads’s riders Lance Haidet, Tyler Stites, and under-23 Pan-American cyclocross champion Gage Hecht by name. Like Ice-T, we also can’t wait for Stites to beatbox Haidet and Hecht.

The rapper-actor, born Tracy Lauren Marrow, expressed his admiration for the under-23 development teams fitness, saying “All you bicycling mutha**** are in way better shape than me. Respect.” He then gave the obligatory mention of the teams sponsor, adding “I love those Cannondale bikes, baby.”

While he loves the team, Marrow was clear that he prefers warm weather riding to the teams winter accomplishments, saying “It’s time to wrap up all that cross stuff and get back to the road.” If anyone can bury the endless #crossiscoming hashtags, it’s Ice.

While Ice-T may not be the first celebrity you’d expect to be a secret cycling fan, it’s not the only time he’s been tied to the sport. In response to the Tweet, a 1987 promo photo for Sire records of the Original Gangster in gold chains and a very retro looking cycling jersey (and hairdo) surfaced. While the jersey’s amazing, it’s more likely that Ice was just biting the fashion of Spike Lee’s Mars Blackmon character’s Brooklyn cap from his 1986 breakout comedy She’s Gotta Have It, which briefly inspired a cycling gear trend, than evidence that Marrow is a decades-long cycling fan.

It’s not the only time the world of pro cycling has intermingled with musical celebrity. Hagens Berman Axeon cycling team ran into, very nearly literally ran into, Canadian pop star / dreamboat Justin Bieber while out on a training ride in Malibu. After dodging Bieber, the riders regrouped and returned for a photo-op with the Biebs, earning them an appearance on everybody’s guilty pleasure celeb gossip site, TMZ. No word on whether or not Bieber said sorry.


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And of course, back in the day Lance Armstrong was briefly engaged to Sheryl Crow. In the end, it turned out the Texan didn’t make her happy, and he was that bad.

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