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If you think cycling in Canadian cities can be sometimes sketchy…check out the UK

This cyclist avoids disaster at least a dozen times

Riding in the UK is worse than Canada Photo by: The Department of Parks & Recreation @ldnparks

Riding around town in Canada can be a sometimes risky endeavour…but somehow it’s even worse in parts of London.

There has been a big increase in cycling infrastructure in Canada the past few years as a result of COVID-19. More people chose their bike over transit. When gyms were close, there was a huge uptick in cycling for fitness. That meant that city councillors needed to create moke bike paths and cycle tracks for safer cycling. There’s still a ways to go when it comes to safe cycling in Canada. There are way too many collisions by motorists in most cities across this country. Plus, you’ll often see that cars park in bike lanes, or even…drive over them.

RCMP blames Kamloops cyclist’s speed after collision from water truck

Riding through a busy urban centre often means being on high alert for cars, dogs, pedestrians, Or potholes. Sometimes industrious citizens decide to create barricades to slow cyclists down, even.

If you think your commute can sometimes be sketchy, check this one out. A rider in London was riding to a swimming pool, and, oh boy, this ride.