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Ikea’s assemble-it-yourself urban bicycle coming to a store near you

The Sladda will be available this year at the Swedish mega-retailer


Swedish home-furnishing behemoth Ikea are entering into the bicycle market with the Sladda, a commuter for the urban dweller. The company that offers ready-to-assemble home furniture, decorations and accessories is set to begin offering the Sladda in stores in Canada later this year.

The bicycles unique feature and main selling point is it’s maintenance-free belt drive which is designed to be rustproof and durable for 15,000-km of use according to Ikea. Another unique feature is its automatic two gear SRAM system which has been integrated into the rear hub to prevent it from being exposed to the elements and needing regular maintenance.

Photo: Veryday
Photo: Veryday

The bike, designed by Swedish design firm Veryday, is intended to be a simple to use, simple to understand, reliable, safe and eco-friendly product. Ikea have increasingly committed to creating sustainable and eco-friendly products. The Sladda indicates a commitment to helping people change their transportation habits with a bike Ikea believes people will be able to rely on.


The lacquer coated aluminum frame comes with a 25-year limited warranty and the belt drive has a 10-year limited warranty. Offering a click-on system, the bike can be easily accessorized with racks, baskets, a child seat and even a trailer. The Sladda is available in a 26-inch wheel or 28-inch wheel size that is meant to make it suitable for riders from 12-years-old and up. Equipped with a front disk brake and a rear coaster brake, adjustable height handlebars the user manual shows the bike being assembled in 16-steps with 28 parts and components. The bike appears to come with the rear wheel installed with the front wheel, seatpost, handlebars all needing to be assembled by the buyer.

With the ability to reach consumers worldwide with its reputation for convenient, affordable and reliable products, Ikea believes that bicycles can help them expand their global business and in the process make bicycles just as common place in our urban landscape as their furniture is in our homes. The bike will retail in Canada for $999 but with Ikea’s loyalty membership card, the bike could be yours for $599.