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Record numbers of women rode bikes in 2020

Team Wolfpack and sponsor Robert Axle Project celebrate these female cyclists on Girls & Women in Sports Day

Women were a driving force in the cycling boom of 2020. Globally, the median number of activities uploaded by women to Strava rose by 45 per cent compared to 2019 among those aged 18-29. In other age categories it rose around 25 per cent. For men the rise was closer to just 10 per cent.

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Many women cite feeling unsafe riding on city streets as a major barrier to entry. During the pandemic that barrier was significantly reduced and women were cycling in record numbers. As traffic begins to return to normal levels in 2021, women in the cycling community are encouraging each other to elevate and support female cyclists—especially those getting into the sport for the first time.

A message from Team Wolfpack

Feb. 3 is National Girls & Women in Sports Day. In honour of the 35th anniversary of the day, Team Wolfpack and sponsor Robert Axle Project released a video which serves as “a reminder to think about how cycling has shaped our lives and how we can share that positive influence with other girls and women around us.”

“Cycling has taken me all over the world competing against some of the best female cyclists,” says Wolfpack team member Summer Moak. “I have traveled to so many places I would not have ever known existed without my bike.”

“I love the competition, and the feeling of knowing I can always push myself harder. No matter how good you are there is always room for learning, growing, and evolving. I admire that cycling is a sport anyone and everyone can be part of. Cycling is a good way to stay healthy, meet great people, and explore the world from a different angle. I am beyond thankful to be part of an amazing group of women that have the same passion as I do, and we get to make great memories together while doing something we all love!”

Katy Bryce, CEO and co-Founder of Robert Axle Project. She says National Girls & Women in Sports Day is a good time to draw attention to women’s teams, such as Team Wolfpack, and organizations such as the Women’s Sports Foundation. “For many women cyclists, bikes are a way for us to express ourselves, enjoy friendships, push our physical and mental limits and be in the places we love,” says Bryce.