When it comes to bike sharing in Canada, we have Bixi in Montreal, Toronto Bike Share in Toronto, and others across the country. In London, England, though, the service is called Santander Cycles, billed as London’s “self-service, bike-sharing scheme for short journeys.”

As announced today, the full fleet will soon be outfitted with Blaze Laserlights, their installation beginning in early 2016.

In a city as big, dense, and especially for cyclists, somewhat unpredictable as London, the use of such lights is a major benefit. Laserlights, notably, provide cyclists with a bigger, brighter presence on the road, projecting a symbol in the shape of a bike six metres ahead of the bike itself. With piercing visibility, it provides an early warning of sorts to motorists—and pedestrians—that a cyclist is coming, or in a place where a bike may not otherwise be easily seen.

In Santander Cycles’ case, the Laserlight will be directly integrated into the bike’s frame to ensure that it sits at the ideal position—a world first, where bike sharing is concerned.

With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Santander has branded the roll-out of the new, integrated, innovative bike/light pairing in familiar terms, with brand ambassadors shining their lights in a film published online titled “Santander Brings Light to the Dark Side.” It’s certainly a way of capitalizing on the film’s success, but in those terms, it’s also strikingly appropriate.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNiA38Z9dy8[space height=”24″]

What do you think? Would you like to see such lights used by Canada’s bike-sharing services?


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  • Michelle says:

    Anything would be better than the original lights on these bikes. In London you need to make sure that as a cyclist that the drivers and pedestrians can see you.

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