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It’s not just you: Why your ride won’t upload to Garmin Connect or Strava today

How to manually upload your ride to Strava while the app is down

Garmin 130 Photo by: Garmin

Don’t panic, your phone and Garmin aren’t glitching out. Garmin Connect, the app that pairs your phone to your bike computer, is currently down.

Thousands of Garmin users haven’t been able to upload their rides this morning due to a global outage on Garmin connect. The issue is affecting both the Garmin Connect app and web dashboard, with users unable to log in to the desktop site as well. Frustrated cyclists have been unsuccessfully trying to synch their rides or upload them to Strava since early this morning, July 23.

Garmin has been relatively quiet about the cause of the issue but in a statement shared on Twitter, the company said, “We are currently experiencing an outage that affects Garmin Connect, and as a result, the Garmin Connect website and mobile app are down at this time.”

When will it be back up?

Garmin has not yet publicly announced when the app will be back up. An internal memo leaked by a Taiwanese tech news site says that there will be two days of “maintenance mode”, although Garmin has not confirmed this information.

The cause of the outage is not yet public knowledge, though some news sources and Reddit users are speculating that it was caused by a ransomware attack.

How do I upload my ride?

Fortunately there is a way to get your ride on Strava and publicly validate that you actually exercised today (everyone knows it doesn’t count if it isn’t on Strava…)

Simply plug your Garmin into your computer using the USB you use to charge it, navigate to ‘devices’ on finder and click on your Garmin (Mac) or click on the Garmin device under your File Explorer (PC). Click on the ‘activity’ folder and find the .fit file for todays activity.

Go to Strava.com, click the + button at the top right corner, click ‘Upload activity’, then ‘File’ on the left. Upload today’s activity and you’re done.