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Joe Papp sold Jeannie Longo EPO and is shocked she was at the Tour de France Femmes

The U.S. rider says he met with the Olympic champ's husband for the drug deal in 2007

At the recent Tour de France Femmes, cycling legend Jeannie Longo was celebrated by the organizers which left former pro cyclist Joe Papp flabberghasted. Back in 2011, the American told French sports newspaper L’Equipe that he sold EPO to the husband of former Olympic champion cyclist Longo, Patrice Ciprelli.

In 2007, Papp and Ciprelli made the deal, with Ciprelli telling him it was “for his wife,” according to the article.

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Longo is one of the most successful female cyclists of all time, having won the Olympic road race, multiple world championships, multiple national championships, and the original Tour de France Femmes, the Tour de France Féminin.

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Back in 1987 Longo did test positive for the illegal substance ephedrine after she did a 3 km pursuit world record attempt, and would be suspended for one month. In 2011, she missed three separate drug control tests but was let off by the French Cycling Federation. After the L’Equipe article came out, Ciprelli said that he had bought the banned blood booster his own personal usage. He was found guilty of purchasing illegal drugs, and given a one year suspended jail sentence as well as a hefty fine.