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Jordan Peterson is so mad about bike lanes he no longer understands jokes

So-called public intellectual doesn't quite get April Fool's Day

Jordan Peterson is no fan of bike lanes. The Canadian professor weighed in on Toronto’s bike lane debates in the past. On Saturday, he blasted out another mini-rant about bike lanes in Canada.

The problem? The plan the good professor’s rage was directed at was very clearly a joke.

Peterson re-Tweeted a story from the Western Standard mid-day on April 1. Which is, of course, April Fool’s Day.

Now, normally we wouldn’t fault someone for falling for an April Fool’s Day joke. But the self-professed public intellectual could have at least read the story before lashing out.

The story mockingly reports a fake plan of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to remove a lane of the TransCanada highway and replace it with a bike lane. If the premise and date of publication weren’t obvious indications that Western Standard’s reporting was satire, the details should have tipped Peterson off quite quickly.

Aside from the fictitious $100-billion cost of the project, the first detail the story provides is that “traffic lights will be set up in areas where the TCH has only one lane each way and traffic will be forced to drive in alternate 15-minute stretches.”

Triggered by the thought of national infrastructure designed for non-motorized use, the professor tweeted insults at our country, our highways and Prime Minister. Blinded by anti-bike rage, Peterson clearly can’t see the obvious joke for what it is.

If a bit of satire makes Peterson this mad, just wait until he finds out that a multi-use, non-motorized trail spanning the country, the Trans Canada Trail, already exists.