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Kaitlin Armstrong: back in the United States and in jail, appears to have used sister’s passport

Suspect had been laying low, altered appearance

Kaitlin Armstrong: arrested and sent to United States and in jail, Photo by: Fuerza Publica CR

Kaitlin Armstrong, the yoga teacher from Austin who is accused of killing cyclist Moriah Wilson in a so-called “love-triangle murder” is back in the United States and in jail. Armstrong was arrested in Costa Rica on Friday, after fleeing the country following an investigation of the killing which resulted in a warrant for her arrest. Wilson was killed on May 11, and authorities had not seen Armstrong since May 18, when she was spotted at the airport in New Jersey.

Tried to start all over in Costa Rica

Armstrong had sold her Jeep for some quick cash, and authorities believe she headed to Costa Rica to start a new life. As experts predicted, she had altered her appearance, and possibly even got plastic surgery. Authorities found two passports, and a a $6,350 receipt for surgery.

A witness also said it appeared as if something was done to her face.

“She a bandage on her nose and she had blood in her nostrils,” Zachary Paulsen told Inside Edition. According to the witness, the other passport belonged to her sister, Christine, who bears a striking resemblance.

Armstrong had been staying at Don Jon’s Lodge in the a small town called Santa Teresa, under the name “Ari.” Other guests said she kept to herself and was a “strange loner.” Paulsen also said he saw her being arrested, and that just prior, she had been asking around on ways to save money in town.

Austin cycling community holds memorial ride for Moriah Wilson

“She was just asking about how to get around cheaper, and then the police came,” Paulsen said on Inside Edition. Armstrong was arrested by Costa Rican officers after they could not find her fake name in their database.

On an ABC 13 video, a masked Armstrong is in handcuffs as the US Marshals take her away at George Bush International Airport. Although a reporter asks her questions, she looks away and does not respond.

Kaitlin Armstrong may have fled to Canada and might be using an alias

Apparently, Armstrong thought she had given the Feds the slip by heading to Costa Rica. “She thought it was some kind of safe haven for her,” Deputy U.S. Marshal Brandon Filla said on Good Morning America on Friday. “We knew she had some type of money, she had a check for $12,200. That would be valuable to fund her disappearance. She shortened her hair, dyed it dark brown. She was trying to set up another type of lifestyle.”

She is now at Harris County Jail and will be taken to Austin, where she will face the murder charges of Wilson.

Although first degree murder can result in the death penalty in Texas, some experts are saying that due to Costa Rican extradition treaties, she may be exempt.