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Kaitlin Armstrong: experts use latest clues to theorize her whereabouts

A burner phone and disguise are most likely being used

It’s been a month since the hunt for the Kaitlin Armstrong, the suspected wanted in the Moriah Wilson killing, began. Crime experts have begun theorizing how it is possible that the yoga teacher continues to elude authorities. Private investigator Jason Jensen believes that Armstrong has most likely made dramatic changes in her appearance to avoid being seen, and may be hiding out in a rural area.

“She’s a pretty woman, but there’s nothing really defining about her,” Jensen told The US Sun. Armstrong has very recognizable, curly red hair, and the investigator believes that would be the first thing to do. “She would easily be able to alter her hairstyle, put on a smoky eye, dye her hair black or whatever, and really drastically change her look.”

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A warrant for Armstrong’s arrest went out May 14, and since then, US Marshals have been trying to track her down. That means that her phone and bank accounts are being tracked.

“She’ll be shopping for or using a burner phone rather than a high-end phone, if she has any phone at all,” Jensen said. “And she’ll only be making purchases with cash. Fugitives on the run are more successful if they’re avoiding digital devices, debit and credit card transactions, and any online usage.”

If anyone is helping her, she has to be careful how she contacts them. “So she may ask to borrow a phone, she may ask where a library is to use a computer terminal at a public venue,” he suggested.

Private investigators told NewsNation that according to some anonymous tips, Kaitlin Armstrong may be using her sister’s name to avoid being caught. In an interview with NewsNation’s Marni Hughes, private investigator Jason Jensen said he believes that it’s possible she’s using the name “Christine Armstrong.”

Kaitlin Armstrong may have fled to Canada and might be using an alias

Jensen also believes that all Armstrong is trying to do is stay low to avoid being caught. “She’s the kind of person that’s not actually planning out her next heist or her next murder or something like that,” Jensen said. “But instead she knows her days are numbered and she’s enjoying whatever sunrise she can, while she still can.”

On Wednesday, Fox News reported that she was spotted at a campground days after the murder. According to the news outlet, Kaitlin Armstrong, “may have visited a remote campground in upstate New York.”

A man told Fox News Digital that Armstrong’s sister, Christine, had been staying there for some time and that he had seen Kaitlin there as well. “She was here a while back,” he said. “Right before the whole thing blew up.”

On May 17,  her sister allegedly went and got a New York state driver’s license, Jensen pointed out.

“She’s now Christine Armstrong from New York instead of Kaitlin Armstrong from Texas,” Jensen said. “That’s my professional opinion.”