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Kaitlin Armstrong sold Jeep for $12,000 before fleeing Texas, according to feds

US Marshals have found new clues in search for fugitive

Kaitlin Armstrong wanted poster for murder of Moriah Wilson

US Marshals have learned that Kaitlin Armstrong, the suspect in the killing of cyclist Moriah Wilson, sold her Jeep just days before fleeing Texas.

The U.S. Marshals Lone Star Fugitive Task Force updated the public on Thursday  about what the 34-year-old did before disappearing.

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On May 11, Moriah Wilson was found dead as a result of gunshot wounds. Following a police investigation, a warrant was issued for Kaitlin Armstrong in connection with the murder. On May 18, she was spotted in New Jersey. Since then, no one has seen her, although there was some suspicion she may have used her sister’s ID and was hiding out in a campground.

Kaitlin Armstrong may have fled to Canada and might be using an alias

US Marshals say that just two days after Wilson was killed in Austin, Armstrong sold her black Jeep Grand Cherokee to a CarMax dealership for $12,200. Armstrong has also been charged federally, with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, along with the original murder charge. The reward for her capture has now gone up from $5000 to $21,000.

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“Armstrong was provided a check from the dealership a day after being questioned by Austin authorities,” the US Marshals said. “She departed the Austin airport on May 14.”

Armstrong was last seen at the Newark Liberty International Airport. However, authorities say that she did not have any flight reservations for an outbound flight. They believe it might have been a ruse to throw them off her trail.

Like so many in the cycling community, Debra Cronin who was formerly married to Wilson’s grandfather told the Daily Beast that the fact that Armstrong has still not been found is very upsetting.

“Moriah was brutally murdered by a yoga teacher, which is not very Zen, but that the teacher is getting away with it! It’s unbelievable that someone can get away with murder now,” Cronin said. “Police had her in their custody and they let her go! It sucks. Moriah deserves justice and nothing is adding up.”