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Kaitlin Armstrong will be acquitted if case goes to trial, according to her lawyer

New details in exclusive NBC Dateline epsiode

Kaitlin Armstrong being questioned by police

Rick Cofer, the attorney representing Kaitlin Armstrong, the woman accused of murdering Moriah Wilson, said she will be acquitted if the case goes to trial.

Cofer appeared on NBC’s Dateline in a special two-hour premiere on Friday.

“I expect this: the government’s own evidence will acquit Kaitlin Armstrong. They just haven’t looked at it. Kaitlin Armstrong is not guilty, and if this case goes to trial, if the district attorney doesn’t dismiss it before it goes to trial, she will be found not guilty.”

Colin Strickland regrets buying Kaitlin Armstrong a gun

The yoga instructor allegedly murdered Moriah Wilson on May 11, jealous that the gravel racer had been spending time with her boyfriend at the time, pro cyclist Colin Strickland. Days later, Armstrong sold her jeep for fast cash and headed to Costa Rica. For 43 days she eluded the authorities before the US Marshals found her in a massive manhunt. She was extradited stateside where she awaits trial.

Armstrong’s attorney made bold statements about the nature of the case. “”The crux of law enforcement’s theory from within the first 24 hours of this case, thdaey had decided that Kaitlin Armstrong is a crazy, jealous person that, in a fit of rage, murdered Miss Wilson,” Cofer said. “The whole case against Kate Armstrong is predicated on a deeply misogynistic view of her.”

The attorney also called into question some of the key evidence against her, the Jeep Cherokee that Armstrong allegedly drove to Wilson’s residence to murder her. On May 12, when cops showed up at Strickland’s residence, where Armstrong resided, they made note of her vehicle. They believed it “appeared to be the same vehicle observed on surveillance footage” from the night before.

“So, this dark-colored SUV, that’s where the detective really wants to start to hang this horrible crime on Kaitlin Armstrong,” Cofer said.”There’s no evidence presented ever of a license plate on this vehicle, or any description of an occupant of the vehicle. You can’t be in two places at once. That’s just kind of some simple math.”