Lance Armstrong’s mountain bike ride took an unexpected turn on Wednesday, earning the Texan former Tour de France winner a trip to the hospital.

Armstrong was riding the Tom Blake trail in Aspen, Colo. when the aspiring podcaster crashed hard. The incident left him bloodied and, having hit his head, concerned about a possible concussion. A stop at the Aspen Valley Hospital came turned up no damage. Armstrong seems to have taken the fall in stride, saying “sometimes you’re the hammer and sometimes you’re the nail” in describing the fall on instagram.

While best known for his exploits in road racing, Armstrong has long dabbled in mountain biking on the side. He was known to ride with George W. Bush during his fellow Texan’s presidency, and occasionally raced mountain bike events during breaks from road racing.

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Most famously, Armstrong entered the Leadville 100, an endurance mountain bike race held in the Colorado town from which the race takes it’s name, in 2008 and 2009. Widely expected to easily win as the only former-Tour de France winner entered in the race, Armstrong lost to Dave Wiens in 2008. Armstrong returned the following year, and was able to end the local rider, Wiens’ Leadville 100 winning streak.

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