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Leadville 100 participant dies during race

This is the second death in the history of the race

According to the Colorado Sun, a rider died on Saturday, Aug. 14, during the Leadville Trail 100 race.

Several racers reportedly stated that the man died during a descent “possibly from injuries sustained in a high-speed crash or a medical incident that occurred while he was pedaling.”

It is not clear whether the participant’s death was due to a medical issue that happened during the race or due to a crash.

“The entire Leadville family is deeply saddened by the passing of an athlete,” Jordan Titus, a spokesman for Life Time, said in a statement. “This athlete embodied the spirit of Leadville and our thoughts and sympathies are with their loved ones at this difficult time.”

The race officials say they cannot provide further details on the incident “out of respect for the participant.”

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office says that details on the crash could be released on Wednesday.

This is the second time a Leadville 100 participant has died during the event, which has been running since 1994. In 2015, Scott Ellis, a 55-year-old rider, suffered a cardiac arrest during the race.

During the Sunday award ceremony a moment of silence was held to honour the rider who died the previous day.