Canada’s Lex Albrecht has joined the Twenty16 Professional American Cycling Team for the 2014 season.  She will focus on USA Cycling’s National Racing Calendar (NRC) and begin racing in southern California in February.

The team is managed by Nicola Cranmer and Kristin Armstrong, an Olympic gold medallist and former time trial world champion. Her new team will allow her to focus on NRC stage races in the U.S. and also concentrate on overseas projects with the national team.

“One thing that’s really cool about this program is that I know I’ll have a lot of latitude to compete with the Canadian team when I need to,” Albrecht said. “Nicola and Kristin understand the importance of being a part of these projects, which is one of the reasons we’re a really good fit.”

Albrecht hopes to gain knowledge and experience through Armstrong to help improve her time trial performances.  “I made a lot of progress in time trialing last year and I’m aiming to keep working on this aspect of racing through 2014,” she said. “Having Kristin as one of the managers could be a cool opportunity for me to gain from her experience.”

In 2013, Albrecht rode for NOW and Novartis for MS.  The team was forced to fold after one of its co-title sponsors made the decision to reallocate marketing funds to a new project.

“It was a super season and we had great support from our sponsors,” Albrecht said. “Unfortunately, the team will not be together in the upcoming season.  Usually when one door closes another opens.”

Twenty16 Professional American Cycling Team’s roster also includes Kaitie Antonneau, Sofia Arreola, Katie Donovan, Allie Dragoo, Amber Gaffney, Lauren Komanski, Mary Maroon, Kristin McGrath, Abby Mickey, Greta Meimanas, Alison Tetrick and Jennifer Valente.



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