Greg Van Avermaet rode to Olympic gold in Rio de Jainero in August. It was a career-defining moment for the Belgium rider. Escaping late in the race with Jakob Fuglsang of Denmark, Van Avermeat surprised the climbers on the course which featured 6, 285 metres of elevation gain according to his Strava upload. The activity he shared titled “Olympic ride still can’t believe it: Olympic Champion” gave insight into the grueling 237-km Olympic road race. As of publication, the activity is the most liked on Strava in 2016 receiving 14,579 kudos.

Strava shared other notable stats from the year in their 2016 round-up. On May 10, Strava says 79,879 users uploaded commutes on the first annual global bike to work day which allegedly saved as much as 514 tons of carbon emissions if all those users would otherwise have driven.

Dutch cyclist Laurens Ten Dam remains Strava’s most followed athlete with 93,510 followers while 40 athletes were consistent throughout the year logging an activity every single day in 2016.


Strava pointed to user Stephen Lund’s impressive piece of Strava art as the masterpiece of the year requiring almost 136 km of riding to complete over 5:32:13. The ride is titled, “Taking his fixation on harassing helpless critters to a whole new level, the Musclebound Thug puts on his Stetson and goes for a joyride on Garmina the giraffe, who does her very best to buck the big bully off” and was completed in Victoria on Sept. 14.


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