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Mario Cipollini given three-year prison sentence for domestic abuse

Former sprinter threatened, pointed gun at ex-wife

Photo by: Sirotti

Mario Cipollini will serve three years in an Italian jail for domestic abuse. The sentence arrived Monday, ending a years-long proceeding that started back in 2017. In addition to the prison sentence, Cipollini is being ordered to pay 85,000 Euros, split between his ex-wife and her current partner.

Cipollini was charged in 2017 by Sabrina Landucci, his ex wife. Hi was accused of abusing, kicking, punching, stalking and threatening Landucci repeatedly, including on one occasion pressing a gun to her forehead,” reports Wielerflits.

Monday’s decision also found Cipollini guilty of threatening Silvo Giusti, Landucci’s current partner, during the same time period. Giusti was awarded 5,000 Euros of the 85,000 Euro fine. The bulk of the fine, 80,000, goes to Landucci.

Court hands down heavy sentence

At the end of five years of proceedings, the public prosecutor requested a two and a half year sentence, calling Cipollini an “extremely violent, extremely threatening and extremely abusive man,” reports Bicisport The court decided on a three-year sentence, with the longer term arrived at in part due to the 55-year-old former sprinter’s assault on Giusti.

Cipollini continues to deny the accusations and has promised to appeal the decision. The ex-pro cyclist has even denies an incident where he grabbed Landucci in the courtroom in front of her lawyer and numerous other witnesses.

Cipollini was a highly regarded sprinter in the late 1990s and into the early 2000s. He is a world champion and winner of multiple stages in all three Grand Tours, widely known for his sprinting prowess and flamboyant fashion on and off of the bike. Cipollini has also been connected to the Operacion Puerto doping scandal, though he was never charged or sanctioned for his involvement.