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Mario Cipollini faces two and a half years in prison for threatening and assaulting his ex-wife

The verdict for the case is expected next month

Mario Cipollini, one of the greatest sprinters of all time, could be going to jail for two years following accusations by his ex-wife of uttering threats and assaulting her. Cipollini and Sabrina Landucci broke up in 2016.

Landucci told Italian authorities that the former cyclist grabbed her by the neck and also pointed a gun at her.

“I’m going to kill you,” he was reported to have said to her. He also allegedly told her he would “break her bones” and “tear out her brain with his hands.”

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Prosecutors have asked that he pay 80,000 euros and spend two and a half years in jail.

“He carried out a series of acts that damaged the physical and mental integrity of Landucci through punches, blows or kicks,” prosecutors said in a statement. It also alleges that he threatened Silivo Giusti, Landucci’s current boyfriend, who filed the complaint together with her.