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Matteo Trentin crashes into bear on descent in Lake Tahoe

Wild life encounter highlights why it's important to wear a helmet

trentin bear

Over the weekend, Matteo Trentin was training in Lake Tahoe, California. While descending he had an all too close encounter with the local wildlife when a bear decided to cross the road causing the Italian to crash. While video of the incident is non-existent, we will take Trentin for his word because his helmet sure took a beating.e

Following the Tour of California, Trentin stayed in North America to train at altitude with some of his QuickStep Floors teammates. While on a high-speed descent, a bear walked out onto the road and without time to react to avoid a collision, Trentin went down.

Fortunately, neither he nor apparently the bear was worse for wear following the hit and we wouldn’t blame Trentin for running the moment he came to his senses. The bear didn’t stick around with the crashes only casualty being Trentin’s Specialized helmet.

After, he recalled the encounter on Instagram:

“Always wear a helmet fellas!!it can also happen that during training a bear cross your path when you are in a fast downhill. No space to brake so i got an accident with him!! He wasnt a fluffy teddybear ? Thanks @iamspecialized_road for the fast replacement!! On the road again!!”