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Mike Woods on what it was like to get COVID-19

The Israel-Premier Tech star caught the bug in December

Omicron is everywhere it seems, and every day we hear about one more high profile rider who has been infected by the virus. Some riders, like former world champ Peter Sagan, has managed to get it twice. At the Israel Premier Tech press conference at the team’s training camp on Thursday in Spain, Canada’s Mike Woods said that both he and his family got the coronavirus over the holidays.

Peter Sagan has COVID-19…again

Curiously, the climber noticed that his fitness tracker may have predicted that he was about to get sick and posted about it on Instagram. What Woods noticed was that his temperature had gone up almost a full degree before he started experiencing symptoms. Another cyclist commented that in his case, one day before he tested positive, his resting heart rate was higher than normal.

This is what it’s like to train when you have COVID-19

He figures he caught it from his daughter, who then spread the highly transmissible virus to the rest of his family. “Yeah unfortunately, my daughter came back from daycare and took the whole Woods family down,” he said. “We were all pretty sick, but actually the symptoms were quite mild, it being Omicron, I think, and because we were all vaccinated.”

Woods feels fine now, and is looking forward to the 2022 season. “I really don’t think it hit us too hard. I only missed a few days of training. Fortunately I have good medical staff here and they are monitoring me every day, making sure I make a full recovery, following the allotted isolation period. So I really don’t think I lost too much.”

He said the first few days of the infection he didn’t feel so great, but now he is coming back into the same form he had at this time last year.