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Mike Woods questions Tom Pidcock’s incredible run time

Despite only running a few kilometres a week, Piddock says he covered 5km in 13:25

Photo by: Tom Pidcock/Instagram

Multi-disciplinary wonder Tom Pidcock’s performance in road, mtb and cyclocross has many questioning if there’s anything the cyclist can’t do. When the 21-year-old British rider posted about a 5km run this weekend, which he says he completed in 13 minutes and 25 seconds, it seemed like the all-around athlete could add another trophy to his mantle of accomplishments. Pidcock’s run was just five seconds short of the 5km road running British record set by Marc Scott.

“This morning I went out to try break the 15 min 5k,” he posted on Instagram this Sunday. “I did a 13.25. Apparently this is very quick 😂 think I’m going to try again in a few days to validate this. Maybe running is the sport for me 🤔”

Mike Woods responds

Canadian pro cyclist Mike Woods is no stranger to running. The 34-year-old set Canadian junior records in middle-distance running before an injury forced him to retire from running. When he heard about Pidcock’s run time he felt like something was not right.

“I’ve been getting a number of messages asking if [Pidcock]’s 13:25 5km was legit,” Woods said on Twitter. “I don’t mean to knock the guy, as he is an incredible athlete, but based off that vid and his GPS data, I’d bet a lot of money he was running far closer to 15 min pace (still very respectable time).”

“GPS data, when running close to buildings, can be off. Also, unless that vid was of his warm-up, there is no way he is carrying enough speed to run 13:25. If you want a reference, just watch [Jakob Ingenbrigtsen] running 13:29 to break the Euro 5km road record.”

Many runners on Let’s Run (kind of like SlowTwitch, but running specific) are claiming Pidcock’s GPS data is bad. Others, in the 1,500 Instagram comments and 120 Strava comments, are saying he was somehow cheating. Pidcock has not yet responded to the controversy.

For his part, Woods clarified that regardless if there was a glitch in Pidcock’s data, the run was still impressive.