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Miniature runaway horse joins peloton

A tiny horse briefly entered the Tour of Poland but couldn't keep up with the pace

horse tour of poland

This horse probably never had aspirations to become a professional cyclist but a brief intrusion into the Tour of Poland saw it gallop alongside some of the worlds top riders.

The peloton was racing Stage 6 of the Tour of Poland, a 189 km affair between Wieliczka  and  Zakopane. With 104 kilometres to race, a small horse got onto the course and began galloping alongside the riders. It veered across the road causing a split in the peloton as riders turned around to see what was happening and slowed to avoid it. 

The horse’s effort to keep up with the race was admirable but the pace was effidiently too high. It continued to run along the road but riders cautiously passed it. It’s hooves lost traction in the corners but it stayed on camera for about one kilometre before a Gazprom – RusVelo rider finally came alongside it and encouraged it to change course.

Last year, a pair of horses interrupted the Giro d’Italia joining the peloton on a descent.