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Montreal In Top 20 Bicycle-Friendly Cities

Only Canadian city in Top 20 of inaugural Copenhagenize Index

The only Canadian city to make the top 20, Montreal came in seventh in the first Copenhagenize Index of the world’s bicycle-friendly cities. The index, created by Copenhagenize Consulting, gives cities marks for their efforts – or lack thereof – towards reestablishing the bicycle as a feasible, accepted and practical form of transport. Points were awarded in 13 different categories which included advocacy, bicycle culture, facilities and infrastructure, bike share program, gender split, model share for bicycles, perception of safety, politics, social acceptance, urban planning and traffic calming.

Over 80 cities around the world were rated with Montreal finishing with 38 points out of a possible maximum score of 64. The top rated city Amsterdam in the Netherlands with 54 points.

The Index states about Montreal, “The city has had bicycle infrastructure since the mid-80s, which should embarrass other cities on that continent, and the rebirth of bicycle culture is noticeable across the city. A strong, successful bike-sharing program has been implemented and a strong advocacy NGO, together with some visionary politicians, make the bicycle’s future in Montreal look rosy.”

However it’s not all rosy. The Index goes on to add that it is time for the network of bike infrastructure to be expanded. They also recommend the infrastructure should be put on both sides of the street, as was done in the Laurier East re-design. A few more recommendations were cited in the Copenhagenize Index.

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