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More deets from Zwift on ‘The Grade,’ a climb that doubles as an FTP test

Several new routes coming to online platform in June

More deets from Zwift on ‘The Grade,’ a climb that doubles as an FTP test

Zwift has released more information about its new route expansions. “The Grade” is a strategic climb designed to determine your FTP in just 10-25 minutes. Based on FTP test data, Zwift has crafted this climb to offer a quicker alternative to traditional FTP tests.

Zwift is launching all kinds of updates for summer 2024

Additionally, the popular virtual Watopia world has eight new routes.

New Watopia routes

Coastal Crown Loop, 15 km with 185 m elevation gain
Elevation Evaluation, 44 km with 1493 m elevation gain
Glyph Heights, 25 km with 537 m elevation gain
Mayan Mash, 34 km with 755 m elevation gain
Oh Hill No, 7.8 km with 306 m elevation – the most direct pathway to The Grade
Peak Performance, 45 km with 725 m elevation gain
Snowman, 44 km with 577 m elevation gain
Tide and Temples, 36 km with 460 m elevation gain

The Grade

The Grade will go up the reverse side of the Epic KOM climb. It begins in Ciudad de la Cumbre and goes uphill all the way to the midpoint. “This is the steepest segment of the climb and it’s just rider versus gravity with some roaming wildlife to encourage you to the top and a tram to chase if you’re feeling good,” the press release continued. “From this point, the road begins to twist and turn as the road makes its way to the backside of the Epic KOM.”

Release date

According to Zwift, The Grade expansion will be released June 11-13.

The Grade FTP Test

Who doesn’t love an FTP test, amirite? Well, actually, no one does. Zwift is hoping to make them slightly more bearable. “Traditionally, FTP tests have daunting workouts and are therefore dreaded by many cyclists. The Grade aims to provide an easier and more accessible way to calculate this number by building a test into the natural terrain of Watopia’s Southern Coast,” a statement read.
Therefore, The Grade serves as both a KOM segment, but also a way that Zwift can calculate your FTP, similar to the existing tests in the workouts section.

To learn more, head on over to Zwift.com