Many new ’cross racers fear landing on their groins during the traditional cyclocross mount. This fear and lack of practice result in slow, inefficient and dangerous movements during races. To improve your mount, start by standing beside your bike, with your left hand on the handlebar and your right hand on top tube. Walk forward. Move your right hand to the handlebar while continuing to move forward. As you move your hand, look down quickly at your pedals to note their location. Then, swing your right leg up and place your right inner thigh – not your groin – onto your saddle. As your weight is transferred onto the saddle, move your feet to the noted pedal locations. Slide onto the saddle and start pedalling. Once you can do the process at walking speed, try running, and then with a dismount before. Your mobility may limit your mount. Usually a little hop or leaning the bike slightly inward can allow for a very relaxed mount.

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