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Netflix and…spin? The app that lets you watch together wherever you are

Physical distancing but keep it social

It’s back to base training for the many cyclists who were planning on racing during the early season this year. With base training comes long, somewhat monotonous trainer rides, devoid of the exciting peaks and valleys of VO2 max intervals.

Quelling trainer boredom, or even just giving yourself something to get through the full workout is often a challenge. Movies or TV shows offer a solution. For most, watching a movie alone goes with the solitary experience of riding the trainer and suffering in whatever corner of the house you’ve holed up in. Yet, as inherently social creatures, we crave social contact. With programs like Zwift, we’ve managed to turn even riding the trainer into a social activity, chatting and going on group rides while still social distancing.

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Today we propose another method of coming together while staying physically apart. As you slog through your workout, knowing that a friend or teammate is doing the same generates some sense of solidarity and drive to continue forward. Take the social support a step further and install an application called Netflix Party.

The app lets users sync up the timing so they can be perfectly aligned when watching a film or TV show. Message your friend thoughts on the movie during your recovery intervals and feel closer together with someone in a time of social distance.

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How to use the app

Netflix party is a Chrome extension, so first you need to install it. Go to the Netflix website, choose any show and start playing the video. To create the party, click on the red “NP” icon located next to the address bar on your browser, then click “Start Party”. Share the party URL to invite friends and enjoy your watch party while training in together.