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Oh look! Here’s Chris Froome in a swamp with an alligator

The TdF champ is really, really close to the large reptile

Froome Wheelie

Remember when Chris Froome, wearing the yellow jersey, ran up Mont Ventoux when he crashed and broke his bike? That was quite the scene, wasn’t it.

Well the Internet has responded with a “hold my beer.”

Premier Tech in talks to co-sponsor Israel Start-Up Nation in 2022

The Brit has been doing a bit of globetrotting of late, having spent time at the Israel Start-Up Nation team launch, in Israel. Recently, he’s been in Miami for a fundraiser.

While in Florida, it seems the former TdF champ took some time to meet the locals. Here he is, clearly re-enacting a scene of Adaptation, ankles-deep in the swamp a few meters away from an alligator. It’s unclear whether he’s playing the part of Meryl Streep or Chris Cooper.

Is the off-season over yet?