On Sunday morning, a group of six male cyclists were riding along a popular bikeway on River Road in Richmond, B.C when they were hit by a black Lexus. A 33-year-old Vancouver resident is dead following the collision while two others are in serious condition CBC are reporting. The collision occurred on a stretch of road police say has been the site of other crashes involving cyclists.

A 39-year-old from Vancouver is in critical condition while a 46-year-old also from Vancouver is in serious condition at Royal Columbian Hospital. The three other cyclists suffered minor injuries.


The driver of the vehicle was a 19-year-old male who remained at the scene and is cooperating with police. “The sole occupant driver of the Lexus, a 19-year old male from Burnaby, is unhurt and was present when officers arrived,” said the police in a news release. Police do not yet know what caused the crash.

“To put it into some perspective, the carbon fiber frame and forks on one of the bikes was snapped in multiple places like twigs or matchsticks,” said RCMP officer Dennis Hwang describing the scene as difficult for the policeto investigate.

“They are badly shaken up,” said RCMP officer Jay Colville of the three cyclists who walked away with minor injuries. “A couple of bikes landed on the opposite side of the ditch. The [bike] the deceased was riding, yes there was a great deal of damage.”

A cyclist who was riding a few minutes behind the group came upon the scene of the accident.


“As I approached the end of the River Road, I saw a damaged black car in the middle of the road,” he told CBC. “Then one of the riders from that group ran out onto the road and waved at us to tell us not to proceed any further. So I stood at the side of the road for a few minutes in shock cause I knew it was really serious.”

The driver then approached Hsu to make a call because his was out of battery. Hsu described the driver a shocked and confused as he spoke with his mother about the accident.


Connie Provencher a resident who lives near the site of the crash said, “I heard the bang and then I heard the screaming and then silence. It was just instant. The bang and then the scream and then nothing,” said told CBC noting that she has seen accident on River Road in the same place before. “It seemed so close to me. It was just such a loud boom and then the screaming.



  • Bruce Dean says:

    Why devote so much ink discussing that the motorist remained on scene and is cooperating with police?

    Is it a car-centric attempt to minimize his deadly actions?

    There should be NO PITY for killer motorists.

    One of this horrible persons victims is DEAD. So what if he cooperates – he supposed to, just like he’s not supposed to kill cyclists.

    Just because the cops provide the info does not mean you have to use it. Instead, you could call the cops out for highlighting it, just like when they stupidly make note if a cyclist was wearing a helmet when hit by a car.

  • Max Mayer says:

    Too many Motorists are distracted with the use of their Cellphones and don,t look at the Road. The Attitude towards Cyclists is also a great concern. I ride my bike almost daily and have to be as alert as possible but there are no Guanrantiees that this will save my Life.

  • One article said “cyclists have to be careful”. How does that help them when a car wipes six cyclists off the road, killing one of them? What kind of careful will protect them from that?

  • RHP says:

    What a shame, a tragic outcome to a Sunday ride.
    Motorists and cyclists need to share the road, yet I find a lot of motorists either are not willing to share the road, or they don’t know how to share the road.
    This gives me an idea, just now. In addition to bike lanes, what about in areas where there is not room to add bike lanes a line is painted on the road surface that indicates the space that must be given to cyclists. That is to say a line that indicates where cyclists should be if on that road, and that indicates to motorists how much room they should give to cyclists. Call it a “Virtual” bike lane?
    Will it solve all problems? I don’t know? Can it hurt? Probably not.

  • JT says:

    I was there. I saw the poor guy pass away and helped with first aid with the guy on the road and then directed traffic. It was a terrible shocking scene that i will never forget. I suspect no one that was there ever will. Senseless and tragic. Its a bad road. No shoulders at all on it and very narrow. As i left i viewed all the many groups of cyclists i passed travelling at fifteen kph three abreast and all the speeding cars alongside them in a new light. Will be more accidents there if everyones behaviour stays the same I fear.

  • JT, thanks for your note. We appreciate hearing from someone who was there. It’s just tragic.

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