A cyclist hit the pavement hard on Saturday afternoon when he was struck by a vehicle in downtown Ottawa. A dash-cam in a nearby vehicle caught the incident and as of Monday the video has almost 900,000 views on YouTube.

The cyclist recklessly rode through a red light on Laurier and was struck mid-intersection by a vehicle traveling south on Lyon that had a green light. The cyclist miraculously walked away with no serious injuries despite the collision sending his bike flying. When police arrived on the scene his condition was assessed before he was ticketed for running the red light on his bike.

The video was posted by Nick Fleury who says the dash cam was only installed a few hours before capturing the incident. “This afternoon an Ottawa cyclist ran a red light and was struck by a car. This was my first day with a dash cam. I recorded for less than two hours before witnessing this and the footage will be very helpful for the family in the vehicle.”

According to Radio Canada, the couple called the police who arrived quickly to the scene and immediately evaluated the cyclists condition. He was uninjured and the vehicle was undamaged. The Ottawa police said they lay charges against the cyclist who rode through the red light.



  • Suggy says:

    Glad to see no one hurt and no extensive property damage. The cyclist should be charged. His behavior negatively affects all cyclists. I hope that the people in the car understand they did nothing wrong.

  • Ottawa has a long way to go as far as share the road goes. Cars regularly run lights. I have called in a few and they didn;t even record my concern when I called the next day. Cyclists run lights and stop signs regularly. And I was deliberately hit by a car afer I tapped on his roof after he almost hit me. While I was still laying at the sde of the road awaiting treatment for my mangled hand and broken leg he was allowed off after he turned himself in 40 minutes later.A witness was not called for 3 weeks , he would have shown that the diagram by the driver was wrong. Sad

    • Sprocketboy says:

      As an Ottawa cyclist, I agree with your comment although I am not sure if other jurisdictions are different. A recent issue of “Bicycling” covered a lot of this ground that sees cycling incidents treated as minor nuisances by the police. I would like to see photo cameras at red lights throughout the city though. The rider in question here makes us all look bad–and stupid.

  • Cars and trucks run red lights ALL THE TIME – BY THE MILLIONS, yet I see now stories blown up all over the media about them – why is that? Is a bicycle (this time being ridden by a moron) that newsworthy? Come on now, fair is fair, start posting about ALL vehicles running red lights for a change and in fact, all bad drivers should be highlighted on the news everyday and yes, bad cyclists doing this crap too. Makes us cyclists who do follow the rules and value our lives (yes, there are many) look like idiots, because dumbass drivers just remember that one moron and equate all cyclists with that one moron.

  • M S says:

    Instant karma at its best!

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