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Peter Sagan fined for punching police officer and breaking COVID-19 curfew

The former world champ became aggressive following a stop

Peter Sagan is in hot water after being pulled over for breaking a COVID-19 curfew, according to French newspaper Nice-Matin. The Slovakian has been fined $7100 by a Monaco court following an incident on April 25 when he was pulled over by police. At the time there was a curfew in effect and Sagan and his brother Juraj were driving home after midnight, well after the set time.

The altercation escalated when Sagan believed he would be forced to take the vaccine. Sagan contracted COVID-19 in February, and he was not advised to take the vaccine until three months following catching the virus. When the police tried to get him into the cruiser, the Slovakian became aggressive and punched one of the officers, injuring him. Additionally, Sagan has been fined $150  for breaking the curfew rules and will pay $2200 to the officer for the injuries.

Sagan’s lawyers attempted to have the case dismissed, saying that he had become angry when police arrested him. The Slovakian was not vaccinated at the time of the incident, and he feared he would be forced to get one, they  argued.

Here’s Peter Sagan playing table tennis

It appears that Sagan is vaccinated now, but at the time was worried that he would be forced to take the jab, and was clearly not entirely lucid due to the alcohol. The Slovakian says he doesn’t remember much of the night, given his boozing. The French outlet also reported that Sagan’s reps were not impressed with his treatment. “For several hours, our client was left without a lawyer. He was notified of the facts two and a half hours after his arrest. Putting aside his aggressive and arrogant attitude, he was on his way home and he got angry when it came to taking him to the hospital in Monaco.”