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Phil Gaimon’s new bike is extremely on-brand

A certain Sesame Street character makes an appearance

Photo by: Phil Gaimon/Instagram

Phil Gaimon, former pro cyclist turned author/Youtuber, posted some shots of his new bike on May 2. Gaimon is a well known cookie fan, and the bike’s design reflects his fondness for the dessert in a big way.

The Factor Ostro VAM is spec’d with Shimano Di2 Dura Ace, a Pro stealth saddle and Wahoo’s new Speedplay pedals.

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The “FACTOR” and “OSTRO” lettering is filled with a custom cookie design and a half eaten chocolate chip cookie is subtly located on the chainstay. Gaimon hosts the annual “Phil’s Cookie Fondo” in Los Angeles and has been known to dress up in a cookie monster outfit for the event. His new bike, which is Cookie Monster blue, also features the Sesame Street character’s eyes and mouth on the headtube.

“When I was racing a TT I would always pretend that I’m Pacman, the folks who started ahead of me were dots and my task was to eat them,” said Gaimon in an Instagram post. “More appropriate now with the cookie monster on the headtube of my new @factorbikes Ostro VAM. Not heavy as a tank like most disc/aero bikes, it’s a super fun and fast all-around bike, still quite suitable for my KOM efforts, as proven by taking the Benedict Canyon KOM from 2017 me when I was fresh out of the pros. Honestly never thought I’d be able to touch that one.”

The Draft Animals author then posted a video of himself riding up Mt. Baldy in 2017 for comparison.