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Pop-up bike lanes let cities test the flow

The Flow
The Flow, a new snap-together temporary bike lane allows cities to test bike infrastructure feasibility before a large investment. Photo: Copenhagenize Design Co.

A city debating bike lanes but worried about the initial investment can now try The Flow, a new snap-together bike lane offering by Copenhagenize Design Co.

The idea is a simple one: a raised, slip-free, plastic-and-wood bike lane that snaps together. Squares measuring 40 cm by 40 cm sit on top of an existing road. The standard width of the lanes is 160 cm, but they can be made in any width divisible by 40. The pieces are made completely from recycled material and are PVC free.

The lanes are meant to be temporary and allow cities a chance to test out potential bike routes being considered. After having the temporary lanes installed, the traffic can be monitored. City planners can then decide if permanent lanes are feasible and worth the investment.

Lane pieces are water resistant and water permeable, meaning they should still be rideable in the rain, and are resilient to extreme temperatures and sunlight. The lanes will elevate cyclists a bit from the road’s surface, separating the riders from traffic and keeping them safe.