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Pro rescues abandoned kitten and brings it home with him while on training ride

Niccolò Bonifazio found a homeless kitten in a pile of garbage while filling his bottles at a fountain

You never know what you’ll encounter while on a bike ride and one pro’s family grew by one because of an unexpected encounter while out training.

Italian Niccolò Bonifazio of Team Total Direct Energie was on a training ride on Thursday when he stopped to fill up his bottles at a water fountain. The 25-year-old whose most memorable exploits this season was some absolute demon descending at Milan-San Remo heard a sound in the distance.

He approached a pile of garbage bags where he found a small black and white kitten. The cat appeared to be abandoned so instead of leaving it to its fate or calling an animal rescue shelter, Bonifazio sprang into action. He brought the little cat home with him. He rode the remainder of the way home with the little animal nestled in his arms.