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Pros really like to overdress when they train

Phil Gaimon has quite a few layers on here

It always makes sense to err on the side of caution when you’re out training, when it comes to clothes. It’s better to be too hot, than too cold, right?

Of course the issue of riding in mountains, or areas where the weather might change quickly, it’s best to be prepared.

If you’ve ever seen pro cyclists on training rides, you might notice they are often in leg warmers or arm warmers, even on warm days. Of course, often times pro cyclists are exceptionally lean. You’ll also notice that riders who come from warmer climes, like Spain, or South America. It could be 20 degrees, and you might spot a Colombian climber with a gaitor covering his neck. A lot of times cyclists overdress to make sure they don’t catch a chill and risk getting sick. Phil Gaimon recently showed what he wore when the weather was only 7 degrees.

Are you wearing enough winter clothes?

The former pro Phil Gaimon really, really likes layers. Former world champ and Ineos Grenadiers rider Rohan Dennis even chimed in, saying “That’s all? I’m all in with thermal undershirt, thermal long sleeve and a thermal rain jacket when it’s 15!” Check out his kit game below.