Power meters are becoming increasingly commonplace. Virtually every professional rider now trains with power and more cyclists are turning to the technology to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their training. It comes as no surprise then that manufacturers are making it increasingly easy for you to equip your ride with a quality power meter.

The Quarq Prime is a crankset that makes it easy for you to install a power meter spider onto your road bike when you are ready to make the upgrade. In 2017, the Quarq Prime Power Ready Crankset which will be available in carbon or aluminium will come equipped on Canyon, Felt, Fuji and Trek bike models. It will be easier than ever to install the Quarq DZero Power Meter spider onto your new road bike when you are ready to make the upgrade.

“We know that more bicyclists, in every discipline, are turning to power meters to reach the next level in training and competition,” said Jim Meyer, Quarq’s founder and technology director. “We wanted to make it as easy as possible, especially for riders new to power meters, to select a state-of-the-art power meter.”

For buyers who are unsure if they intend to make the upgrade but would like to have the option, getting a bike equipped with the Prime will make it easy no matter what they choose. As a quality standard crankset it does not detract from the performance of the bike and provides an easy transition to installing a power meter. This seamless transition is something cyclists are increasingly attracted to as the benefits of training with power becoming ever more attractive.


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