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Read Davide Rebbelin’s widow’s heart-wrenching farewell message

Françoise Antonini posted a message to her fallen love

16-10-2022 Veneto Classic; 2022, Work Service - Vitalcare; Rebellin, Davide; Treviso;

Françoise Antonini, the partner of Davide Rebellin, the former pro who was killed on Nov. 30, has posted a mournful note. Rebellin died after being hit by a truck driver who later fled the scene.

“My Angel, my great love, imagining my life without you tears me apart. The horror of what you have been through tears me apart,” Antonini posted. “Continuing to know that we will never see each other again, we will never speak to each other again, we will never be able to wake up again in each other’s arms, it tears me apart. Not making the energy bars you loved so much it destroys me. Our beautiful plans as a couple, which were finally taking shape now that your demanding career was over. Over, and which will never come true, it tears me apart.”

According to a report in Italian paper Il Gazzettino the driver knew he had hit the cyclist, but left the scene anyway. Apparently several witnesses saw the driver get out of his truck and look at the Liège-Bastogne-Liège winner, before quickly getting back in the truck and leaving.

He has since been tracked down by Italian authorities handed multiple charges.

“Not being able to see and touch you one last time because you left so horribly tears me apart…knocks me down. I try to catch my breath, but how can I breathe without you by my side? I beg you, wrap me in your light, so beautiful, so soft, so kind, so loving, so sunny…give me the strength to get up, and above all rest in peace…this peace you so deserve. I will always keep you in my heart and in my whole being, for eternity,” the widow concludes.