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Horses join Giro d’Italia on a descent

Video captured of a pair of horses gallopping alongside the peloton on Stage 13 of the Giro d'Italia

When bicycles and animals come into contact the result is rarely good. Two horses joined the peloton on a descent on Stage 13 of the Giro d’Italia that took the peloton 170-km from Palmanova to Cividale del Friuli.

On a winding technical descent at the Giro d’Italia, a pair of horses galloping at speed next to the peloton were captured on video and posted on Lampre-Merida’s Twitter. The stage was won by Team Sky’s Mikel Nieve with Movistar’s Andrey Amador taking the leader’s pink jersey.

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Lampre-Merida staff attempt to scare off the pair of horses by spraying water from the teams bottles but the horses are not deterred and gallop on. A pair of large, unpredictable animals could have caused havoc in the peloton had they gotten in the way of any riders or team cars. Luckily, no riders appear to have been hindered by the pair.

Descending mountains in the peloton at the Giro is dangerous enough without a pair of horses joining in.