A French middle distance runner’s coach caused a crash on a track in Flagstaff on Tuesday. Yoann Kowal was training in Flagstaff on Tuesday with his coach and a partner when the coach rode right into someone occupying a lane on the track.

The runner’s coach was doing pacing on a bike with Kowal and his running partner when they came upon a group who had slowed up and were walking taking up the width of the lanes the runners were in. The coach displayed no bike handling skills what-so-ever hit one of the walkers and crashed. Despite yelling at the very last minute to warn the oblivious walker, neither the coach on the bike nore the runners slowed down anticipating the problem.

The bike riding coach bobbled before hitting the track surface. The coach didn’t only take himself out but the walker hit the ground. The two runners who seemingly weren’t expecting the crash stumbled but both were just barely able to stay on their feet.

The person taking the video summed the events up quite accurately. “Oh no,” she says with a flat, expressionless voice.

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